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Jerry Ferrara

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Jerry Ferrara began studying theater in college, where he was inspired by a teacher to pursue a career in acting. An agent he met at a talent showcase encouraged him to move to Los Angeles, where he quickly landed his first role on The King of Queens (1998). Other television parts soon followed. Jerry was then cast in the independent feature, Cross Bronx (2004), which premiered at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. Jerry attended New Utrecht High School.  See full bio on IMDb »

'Entourage' Star Jerry Ferrara -- Face Busted Open During Basketball Game

'Entourage' Star Jerry Ferrara
Face Busted Open During Basketball Game

"Entourage" star Jerry Ferrara is sporting a pretty gnarly gash and bruise under his left eye this morning ... after taking an elbow to the face during a basketball game yesterday. Ferrara went to… READ MORE >

'Entourage' Star Jerry Ferrara -- In the Middle of a Fantasy Football Showdown

Jerry Ferrara
Exposes Bitter Rivalry In TMZ's Fantasy Football League

Little did "Entourage" star Jerry Ferarra know his innocent fantasy football chat would ignite a war of words in the newsroom ... about men, women, and TMZ's own fantasy league. Check out TMZ on… READ MORE >

- 2469 days ago
Vincent Chase vs. Turtle: Who'd You Rather?

Vincent Chase vs. Turtle
Who'd You Rather?

"Entourage" pals Adrian Grenier (aka Vincent Chase) and newly fit hunk Jerry Ferrara (aka Turtle) both shared the stage at an event in L.A. the other day.Question is ...  READ MORE >

- 2487 days ago
'Entourage' Star -- Crash Course on 'Carmageddon'

'Entourage' Star -- Crash Course on 'Carmageddon'

"Entourage" star Jerry Ferrara just got blindsided ... by CARMAGEDDON -- the absolutely apocalyptic upcoming closing of ONE Los Angeles freeway!!  Oh, the humanity. Check out TMZ on TV --… READ MORE >

- 2525 days ago
'Entourage' Star -- Turtle Doesn't Live Here Anymore

'Entourage' Star -- Turtle Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Fame has really changed "Entourage" star Jerry Ferrara ... to the point where he's almost  unrecognizable from his baseball cap and oversized sports jersey days.The now svelte and stylish… READ MORE >

- 2548 days ago
The Men of 'Entourage': Who'd You Rather?

The Men of 'Entourage'
Who'd You Rather?

"Entourage" stars Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Adrian Grenier all showed up to their premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday.Question is ...  READ MORE >

- 2895 days ago
Turtle -- Still Waxin' That Ass

Still Waxin' That Ass

Now that he's hookin' up with Jamie-Lynn Sigler in real life -- as well as on "Entourage" -- Jerry Ferrara has quickly become the patron saint of chubby guys everywhere. READ MORE >

- 3400 days ago
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