Jerry Ferrara Sued Beat it, Turtle ... Fat Sal's Fed Up!

8/16/2016 2:05 PM PDT

Jerry Ferrara Sued By Fat Sal's


Jerry Ferrara is driving a really hard bargain with the chain of sandwich joints he co-owns and agreed to promote ... so claims Fat Sal's in a new lawsuit aimed at 86'ing Ferrara.

Ferrara grew unhappy with his Fat Sal's deal and wanted a bigger ownership stake in the restaurants as it expanded ... according to the docs. The Gayley Group, which runs Fat Sal's, says Ferrara bought stock back in 2010 and had a nice return -- nearly $200k on an investment of $74k.

The company says Ferrara was supposed to pump up the deli shop, but threatened to bail on all promotions because he grew sour with his deal. In the suit, the co. says Ferrara complained so much ... Gayley ultimately offered him a 5% stake in some of the new restaurants it was opening.

Gayley says Ferrara instead demanded 10%. When that was shot down, Gayley claims Ferrara sicced his lawyers on them.

The company's suing to remove him as a partner.