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Lil Xan

Lil Xan Left Rehab for a Day to Buy a New House

Lil Xan
Checked Out of Rehab for a Day To Lock Down New House

Lil Xan briefly left his rehab facility to prepare for his post-rehab living arrangements ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to the rapper tell us ... Lil Xan left rehab Saturday in order to… READ MORE >

Lil Xan Just Got Admitted Into First Rehab Treatment, Girlfriend Says

Lil Xan
Checks Himself into Rehab

Lil Xan has just checked himself into rehab. The rapper's girlfriend, Annie, posted Sunday on Xan's Instagram account "Diego was just admitted into his first treatment." She went on to say,… READ MORE >

- 13 days ago
Lil Xan is Going to Rehab, I Need Help Getting Over the Hump with Opioids

Lil Xan
I'm Off to Rehab ... Need Help Kicking Opioids

12:50 PM PT -- Before he left for rehab Thursday, Xan came on "TMZ Live" to explain exactly why he's going, and it's interesting ... he says he's nowhere near "rock bottom."  He told us he's… READ MORE >

- 30 days ago
Lil Xan Admits Addiction Struggles Hurt Tour, Mac Miller and Lil Peep Were Wake-Up Calls

Lil Xan
I Still Struggle with Addiction ... Demi & Mac Scared Me

Lil Xan is opening up about his current struggles with addiction, the death of his hero, Mac Miller, and why he understands what Demi Lovato's going through right now. Xan reached out to us… READ MORE >

- 40 days ago
Lil Xan Cancels Shows to Work on Mac Miller Tribute Album

Lil Xan
Show Can't Go On ... Mac Miller Tribute's Taken a Toll on Me

Lil Xan has been burning the midnight oil to honor Mac Miller in song, and that's why he just canceled a bunch of his shows. Sources close to the Cali MC tell us the reason Xan axed 5… READ MORE >

- 45 days ago
Lil Xan Gun Threat from St. Louis Rapper Under Criminal Investigation

Lil Xan
Police Investigation Into St. Louis Gun Threat

A terrifying gun threat made against Lil Xan earlier this month -- that triggered a concert cancellation -- is now the subject of a criminal investigation ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement… READ MORE >

- 49 days ago
Lil Xan's Life Threatened with AK-47 in Disturbing New Video

Lil Xan
Disturbing Video Shows Gun Threat ... That Canceled Concert

The person who threatened to shoot Lil Xan at his St. Louis concert -- forcing its cancellation -- made his intentions well known in a disturbing video he posted on social media. The guy… READ MORE >

- 64 days ago
Lil Xan Concert in St. Louis Canceled After Alleged Shooting Threat at Venue

Lil Xan
Concert Canceled Due to Shooting Threat at Venue

Lil Xan never made it onstage for a scheduled show in St. Louis because someone allegedly threatened to open fire if he went through with the gig. Xan was supposed to perform Wednesday night… READ MORE >

- 65 days ago
Lil Xan Goes Wild at Mall Food Court

Lil Xan
Out of Control at the Food Court!!!

Lil Xan was out of control Monday at a mall food court ... yelling, screaming and lashing out at someone.  We're not exactly sure what set Lil Xan off ... but we're told the rapper started… READ MORE >

- 67 days ago
Lil Xan Explains How Hot Cheetos Sent Him to the Hospital

Lil Xan
Here's How Hot Cheetos Sent Me Straight To the Hospital

Lil Xan says he ain't about to quit Hot Cheetos cold turkey ... even if they did burn a hole in his stomach -- as he claims -- and he proved it right in front of us.  We got Xan… READ MORE >

- 80 days ago
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