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Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio says Vladimir Putin Definitely Kills His Opponents

Sen. Marco Rubio
Vladimir Putin Kills His Enemies, Duh!!!

Marco Rubio doesn't need convincing Vladimir Putin kills his opponents ... he says it's obvious. We got the Senator from Florida in D.C. Tuesday to get his take on Putin… READ MORE >

Marco Rubio Defends Colin Kaepernick, Belongs In the NFL

Marco Rubio
Defends Colin Kaepernick ... Belongs In the NFL

Sen. Marco Rubio is once again breaking from Donald Trump ... defending Colin Kaepernick's right to protest and telling TMZ Sports why he absolutely SHOULD be on an NFL roster.  "Look, I… READ MORE >

- 61 days ago
Marco Rubio Says Univ. of Florida Screwed Black Grads During Ceremony

Marco Rubio
Blocking Black Grads from Celebrating Onstage ... Such a Bad Look for My Alma Mater!!!

Marco Rubio can only shake his head after the Univ. of Florida made headlines for shoving black grads off the stage when they tried to celebrate -- and says his alma mater needs some… READ MORE >

- 75 days ago
Marco Rubio Confirms Kanye West Can Be Next Speaker of the House, But ...

Marco Rubio
Anyone Can Be Next House Speaker ... Even You, Kanye!!!

Sen. Marco Rubio is shedding some light on a little known fact about the position of Speaker of the House -- and no offense to Paul Ryan, but any Joe Schmo can do it! Even Kanye… READ MORE >

- 100 days ago
Marco Rubio Says Aaron Hernandez's Sexuality Didn't Make Him a Murderer

Aaron Hernandez
Sexuality Didn't Make Him a Killer ... Says Marco Rubio

Aaron Hernandez's self-hate for his alleged gay secret is NOT why he turned violent -- so says Marco Rubio. We got the Florida senator out on Capitol Hill ... and asked what he made… READ MORE >

- 122 days ago
Sen. Marco Rubio Gets 'Three Billboards' Treatment, Trolled for Florida Shooting

Sen. Marco Rubio
Trolled Over Gun Control ... 'Three Billboards'-Style

Sen. Marco Rubio is getting called out over gun control -- in the wake of the Florida shooting -- in a way that would make Frances McDormand extremely proud. Three billboards are parked near the… READ MORE >

- 155 days ago
Oprah's No Presidential DNA Remark Doesn't Mean She Won't Run

No Prez DNA Remark Doesn't Mean She Won't Run

There's a lot of buzz Oprah Winfrey will definitely NOT run for President in 2020, based on a recent interview she did ... but there's one crucial fact everyone's leaving out. Oprah told InStyle… READ MORE >

- 177 days ago
Senator Marco Rubio Says Trump Would Beat Oprah in 2020

Senator Marco Rubio
Trump Would Beat Oprah in 2020

Senator Marco Rubio says despite the fact Oprah is rich and famous ... Trump's more famous and he'd beat her in a head-to-head 2020 election. We got the Republican Senator Monday at Reagan… READ MORE >

- 194 days ago
Marco Rubio Says LeBron's Getting 2 Jerseys Retired Like Kobe

Marco Rubio
LeBron Will Get Kobe Treatment ... 2 Jerseys Retired

Don't get too comfy, Kobe ... Marco Rubio says "there's no doubt" the Heat are gonna retire LeBron's jersey -- giving the King two numbers up in the rafters (but in different arenas). We got… READ MORE >

- 207 days ago
Marco Rubio Says He Won't Be Making Cameo on 'Floribama'

Marco Rubio
I Won't Be Hitting the Beach on 'Floribama'

Senator Marco Rubio knows about the new show 'Floribama,' but he confesses he doesn't have a beach bod worthy of a cameo. We got the Senator from Florida Monday at Reagan Airport and wanted to… READ MORE >

- 228 days ago
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