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Mary Carey

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Cleveland native Mary Carey was born into what could be charitably called a dysfunctional family. Both of her parents were mentally handicapped (her mother had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic) and she was taken away from her parents by her grandparents when she was three months old. After her parents divorced, her mother moved in with Mary and her grandparents. At seven years of age the family moved from Cleveland to Florida, and the next year Mary was legally adopted by her grandparents. Mary continued in Florida with the dance lessons she had started taking in Cleveland, and was a straight-A student in school. Her stage debut occurred at 12 years of age when she performed "The Nutcracker" with the Miami City Ballet, and she was bitten hard by the performing bug. Her dancing skills were honed by attendance at a prestigious dance school, and she was being offered dance scholarships from many different institutions. Then, at age 16, her grandfather developed lung cancer and died within a few months. Her grandmother's Parkinson's Disease worsened, and on top of that her body began to develop and she no longer had the thin body considered desirable for a ballerina. She was told to lose weight and get a breast reduction, but instead decided to leave ballet altogether and tried out for and won a place on the dance team at Florida State University, where she was enrolled. In the meantime her grandmother's health deteriorated even further, and soon their financial situation became precarious. In order to keep their head above water, Mary looked around for a job that could pay the kind of money they needed, and found a job as a model on an adult Internet site. From there she landed a job as a stripper. She saw that the strippers who commanded the big money were the featured girls, and an agent told her that the best way to become a featured stripper was to get a following doing porn. She traveled to Los Angeles and made the rounds of the adult-film producers and studios, eventually landing a job with Playboy TV. Just prior to the recall campaign against California Governor Gray Davis, Mary signed a contract with Kick Ass Pictures, and as a publicity gag they came up with the idea that Mary should enter the field of a dozen or so candidates trying to replace Davis, so she soon publicly declared her intention to run for governor. The stunt worked out far better than they had hoped for, as Mary's bubbly personality and sense of humor about herself, her profession and the campaign itself - not to mention her beauty - endeared her to the California public. Although some political pundits wrote her off as a joke, her "campaign" received extensive coverage in the statewide media and she drew enthusiastic crowds at her appearances. Although she didn't win the election, she did manage to garner more than 11,000 votes. After the election Mary continued to turn out videos, which continue to sell well, and she is, besides Jenna Jameson, one of the porn stars most recognized by the general public.  See full bio on IMDb »

Mary Carey -- Wasted and On the Prowl (VIDEO)

Mary Carey
Wasted and On the Prowl

Mary Carey is a hot mess ...  fresh from filing for divorce, she hit up Craig's restaurant, got ridiculously drunk, made out with a chick but expressed undying love for Johnny Manziel. The… READ MORE >

Porn Star Mary Carey -- Files for Divorce ... Claims Erectile Differences

Porn Star Mary Carey
Files for Divorce ... Claims Erectile Differences

Porn star and ex-politician Mary Carey is ending her marriage and says it's all because she's super horny and not getting enough nookie.  Mary filed the divorce docs last week in L.A.… READ MORE >

- 714 days ago
Porn Legend Mary Carey -- Dwight Howard's a Human Tripod

Porn Legend Mary Carey
Dwight Howard's a Human Tripod

Time for "TALES FROM A PORN STAR" ... starring porn legend Mary Carey. Today's topic -- Which pro athlete would make the best adult movie star? Mary -- an expert in the subject (she's… READ MORE >

- 1178 days ago
Porn Star Mary Carey -- Kicked Off Plane -- Too Drunk To Fly to Nude Party

Porn Star Mary Carey
Kicked Off Plane Too Drunk To Fly to Nude Party

2:36 P.M. PDT -- We just spoke to Mary ... she tells us she took a powerful sleeping pill and had some drinks before her flight ... and she shouldn't have done it. She's excited to attend… READ MORE >

- 1583 days ago
Traci vs. Mary: Who'd You Rather?

Traci vs. Mary
Who'd You Rather?

Porn divas Traci Lords, 41, and Mary Carey, 29, kept their clothes on at the same premiere in L.A. the other day. Question is ... See Also Rossellini vs. Lang: Black Tie Beauties  READ MORE >

- 3065 days ago
Porn Star Regrets Rubbing Dr. Drew Wrong Way

Porn Star Regrets Rubbing Dr. Drew Wrong Way

Mary Carey swears her parody porn "Celebrity Rehab" wasn't meant to hurt Dr. Drew's feelings -- but she feels really, really bad if it did.After Drew Twittered that "Mary's choice to mock ...… READ MORE >

- 3201 days ago
Mary Carey Needs Celebrity Re-Rehab

Mary Carey Needs Celebrity Re-Rehab

VH1's asking its viewers for suggestions on who should appear on the next season of "Celebrity Rehab" -- and we nominate Mary Carey, even though she's already been on it!The ex-porn star/full time… READ MORE >

- 3247 days ago
"Sober House" Star -- "I'm Not Sober!"

"Sober House" Star -- "I'm Not Sober!"

As Dr. Drew was gearing up to hit "Today" and "The View" this morning to pimp out his new book, one of his celebrity patients was recklessly falling off the wagon."Sober House"-mate Mary Carey was… READ MORE >

- 3265 days ago
Naked Guy Magically Appears, Frightens Porn Star

Naked Guy Magically Appears, Frightens Porn Star

It was like a scene out of "Terminator" last night -- a random naked guy magically appeared in the middle of an L.A. parking lot. Only instead of saving Linda Hamilton, "The T3incher" (as we've… READ MORE >

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NKOTB Still Got It (The Right Stuff)

NKOTB Still Got It
(The Right Stuff)

With a tour on the horizon, the New Kids on the Block were all hard at work on their new video shoot this weekend. Also in L.A.: Wynona Ryder hid her face, Shirley MacLaine got lost, 65-year-old… READ MORE >

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