Mary Carey Stormy Gave It Up for Trump, Not Me And We Did Porn Together!!!

4/2/2018 7:29 AM PDT

Mary Carey Says Stormy Daniels Was a 'Bitch' But She's Making Brilliant Trump Moves


Stormy Daniels was a total bitch to her porn co-star, Mary Carey, according to Mary ... but she's still Team Stormy when it comes to Donald Trump.

We got Mary at LAX, and she made it perfectly clear, she has a stormy past with Daniels ... flat-out telling us she was a "really big bitch" to me. The dynamic boob duo first worked together in 2002 -- pre-Trump -- and as Mary remembers it, the future Prez got way more action than she did.

Her choice of words is priceless, and has a lot to do with glass toys. Just watch (headphones would be best), and remember ... Mary ran, seriously, for governor of California.

Despite their rocky history, Mary admitted she admires how Stormy's taking on Trump. She actually called her a "genius." It doesn't sound like it's about politics, though ... just Benjamins.