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Matt Hardy

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Being trained by wrestling legend 'Doris Funk, Jr.', Mattthew "Matt" Hardy has become one of the most gifted and talented performers in sports-entertainment. Before going into the WWF (Now WWE) along with his brother Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz (or The Hardyz) ran their own promotion called Organization of Modern Extreme Arts (OMEGA) wrestling, in which Matt went into as High Voltage. However, he had to change it because a wrestling tag team in World Champion Wrestling (WCW) was all ready using that name. So, Hardy decided to go under the name of "Surge". A few years later, it was revealed by Chris Kanyon that the tape had been kept in the WCW Power Plant, watched multiple times and had the name stole from them. OMEGA also included Lita (Amy Dumas), 'Shannon Moore(II)', 'Gregory Helms' and Joey Mercury (Adam Birch). Now, Matt along with his brother Jeff now their own Myspace, along with other wrestlers such as Helms, Ashley Massaro and Mercury. The Hardy Boyz first started working for the WWF(E) not in the tag team division but in singles division as jobbers (a wrestler who "loses" more matches than winning). Matt was nineteen and Jeff was sixteen when both joined back in 1993. It wasn't until 1998 they were given full-time contracts as a tag team. The Hard Boyz, as their were referred, used a cruiser weight (someone who use acrobatic styles but usually one who is 6'1" or under and weighs less than 215lbs) fast-paced high flying style in their matches, doing damage to their opponents. Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) then became their manager, who then guide them to win the WWF(E) Tag Team Titles. However, the Hardyz ditched Hayes after losing the titles to Ganrel's ('David Heath') tag team, The New Brood, who were Edge ('Adam Copeland') and Christian (Jay Reso). The Hardyz would soon gain Terri Runnels as their manager when Gangrel was dropped. Terri would later turn on the Hardyz in 2000. The Hardyz would later face Edge and Christian again, but with the Dudley Boyz, Buubba Ray Dudley ('Mark Lamonica') and D-Von Dudley (Devon Hughes). All three tag teams would face each other in a Ladder Match (To win, one opponent most grab a suitcase or a belt that is dangling from the top over ring) in Wrestlemania 2000. Though the Hardyz lost, they gave a great performance. The following year, they really made a name for themselves when they faced the Dudleyz and Edge and Christian again, but this time, in a TLC (Tables and Ladders and Chairs) Match (Same rules apply to a Ladder Match, but this time, with tables and chairs). With all three tag teams with a gimmick, they all were a specialty with a certain weapon for the match and other opponents. The Dudleyz: Tables. The Hardys: Ladders. Edge and Christian: Chairs. Later, both the Hardys found a new manager with their real-life friend Lita, which they named their team "Team Xtreme". Both Matt and Lita would begin an off-screen (later on-screen) relationship with Lita. In 2001, Matt turned on Jeff when Jeff won the Intercontinental Championship, becoming jealous of becoming a successful singles competitor. Soon, Matt went to Smackdown! and renamed himself as "Matt Hardy - Version 0.1".. During this time, he would create the term "Mattitude". On Smackdown, he had his M'Fer (Mattitude Follower), Shannon Moore. Then Moore had his follower who would later join, Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood), which Moore would call his "Moore-on". The stable would later being disbanded after Crash was release and Matt would move back to Raw to continue with the story line with girlfriend Lita. However, Matt and Lita would split when finding out that she and Edge (Copeland) are having an affair. This would cause Matt to be release, along with friend Rhyno (Terry Gerin). Later, Hardy would return to the WWE on Raw, facing Edge. Their final confrontation was in a ladder match (which Edge never lost) and whoever loses, would leave Raw. With the help with Lita, Edge won and Hardy left. However, that didn't keep Hardy away from the WWE. Hardy was then signed to Smackdown!. He wrestled on the web show Velocity by winning all of his matches. He also did the main event on the last episode against Simon Dean, which Matt won. Matt is now dating Ashley Massaro.  See full bio on IMDb »

Matt Hardy DUI -- Second Mug Shot's a Charm

Matt Hardy DUI
Second Mug Shot's a Charm

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of wrestling star Matt Hardy -- taken moments after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI in North Carolina on Monday ... the second time in a few weeks.As we first… READ MORE >

Wrestler Matt Hardy -- Another DUI Arrest

Wrestler Matt Hardy
Another DUI Arrest 'He Almost Hit Two Drivers'

More trouble for ex-WWE champ Matt Hardy -- the 36-year-old was arrested for driving under the influence in North Carolina this week ... the second time in the last couple of weeks. According to… READ MORE >

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Ex-Wrestler Matt Hardy -- I'm NOT Suicidal!!!

Matt Hardy
I'm NOT Suicidal!!!

Former TNA wrestler Matt Hardy is NOT in the middle of a suicidal crisis ... despite a cryptic message he posted on YouTube starting with, "Goodbye, World" -- and ending with, "September 23, 1974… READ MORE >

- 2424 days ago
Wrestler Matt Hardy -- RUSHED to the ER

Ex-TNA Wrestler Matt Hardy
RUSHED to the ER

Troubled wrestling star Matt Hardy was rushed to an emergency room in North Carolina this morning after falling down in his home ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to Matt tell us ... the ex-TNA… READ MORE >

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Wrestler Matt Hardy's Mug Shot -- The Eyes Have It

Wrestler Matt Hardy
MUG SHOT -- The Eyes Have It

TMZ has obtained the photo of wrestling superstar Matt Hardy ... taken moments after he was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in North Carolina this weekend. As we first reported,… READ MORE >

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Matt Hardy -- OUT of TNA Following DWI Arrest

Matt Hardy
OUT of TNA Following DWI Arrest

Matt Hardy's arrest today in North Carolina has had immediate repercussions -- he's been DROPPED from TNA. A rep for TNA tells TMZ, "TNA today released Impact Wrestling star Matt Hardy from its… READ MORE >

- 2434 days ago
Matty Hardy Arrested for DWI

Matt Hardy
Arrested for DWI

Wrestling superstar Matt Hardy was arrested in North Carolina today for suspicion of driving while intoxicated ... TMZ has learned. According to the Moore County Jail, Hardy was busted this… READ MORE >

- 2434 days ago
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