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Matt Stone

Matthew Richard "Matt" Stone (born May 26, 1971) is an American screenwriter, producer, voice artist, musician and actor, best known for being the co-creator of South Park along with creative partner and best friend, Trey Parker. Stone started his film career in 1992, making a holiday short titled Jesus vs. Frosty. His first success came from Cannibal! The Musical. From there he made another short title Jesus vs. Santa, leading him and his college friend Trey Parker to create the animated television series South Park, which has been on television for over a decade. He has four Emmy Awards for his role in South Park, winning for both "Outstanding Programming More Than One Hour" and "Outstanding Programming Less Than One Hour". Stone was born in Houston, Texas to Gerald Whitney Stone, an economics professor, and Sheila Lois Belasco (who share the first names of the South Park character Kyle's parents).

Squeak in 'BASEketball': 'Memba Him?

Squeak in 'BASEketball'

Dian Bachar is best known for playing the mousy teammate Squeak Scolari -- opposite Matt Stone and Trey Parker -- in the 1998 sports film "BASEketball." Guess what he looks like now! READ MORE >

'Team America' -- You Know Who LOVED the Movie? MAAATT DAAAMON

'Team America'

Matt Damon didn't go 9/11 times 100 over the brain-dead way Trey Parker and Matt Stone spoofed him in "Team America: World Police" ... in fact, the actor says he LOVED it.Damon was doing an AMA on… READ MORE >

- 609 days ago
South Park -- KIM KARDASHIAN'S A HOBBIT ... She's a TERRIBLE Role Model for Girls

'South Park'
KIM K'S A HOBBIT She's a TERRIBLE Role Model for Girls

Kim Kardashian is a FRAUD who's poisoning the minds of impressionable young women ... because in real-life, she's got the body of a HOBBIT ... this according to the people at "South Park."Trey… READ MORE >

- 666 days ago
'South Park' Creators Sued -- Lollipop King Traumatized By Cartoon Tea-Bagging

'South Park' Creators Sued
Lollipop King Traumatized By Cartoon Tea-Bagging

The Lollipop King from the "Imaginationland" episodes of "South Park" was never meant to be exposed to terrorists, gang rapists or Cartman's testicles ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained… READ MORE >

- 1089 days ago
South Park DESTROYS Penn State

South Park

"Penn State prefers to be losing at half time ... because at Penn State ... they like when you're a little behind in the locker room."Boom. Penn State got South Park'd last night -- as Trey… READ MORE >

- 1422 days ago
Stone vs Parker: Who'd You Rather?!

Stone vs Parker
Who'd You Rather?!

Matt Stone, 39, and his "BASEketball" co-star Trey Parker, 41, shared a little personal space while smiling for cameras in New York city last week.The question is...  READ MORE >

- 1650 days ago
10 Years for Cartman and Company

10 Years for Cartman and Company

It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since "South Park" burst on the scene with their underground "Spirit of Christmas" video. Last night, Comedy Central celebrated the decade of comedy… READ MORE >

- 3303 days ago
"South Park" Cruises to the Emmys

"South Park" Cruises to the Emmys

Thursday's Emmy nominations issued Tom Cruise a big slap in the face and simultaneously re-ignited the Cruise vs. "South Park" grudge match."South Park'"s infamous "Trapped in the Closet" episode… READ MORE >

- 3381 days ago

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