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Mathew Knowles

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Matthew Knowles is an actor, model, singer, and host known for his work in a number of Chinese films and TV series such as Love Me If You Dare, Deng Xiao Ping at History's Crossroad, Red Sorghum, Eastern Battlefield and Red Star Over China. Knowles began working as a model during his second year in China. In 2012, he transitioned into acting. His first roles were small parts in the Chinese TV series Big Sister's Store and the short film There Will Be Blood. Knowles signed with Phantom Talent and was shortly thereafter cast in the role of a Viking Warrior in the 2013 film Vikingdom starring Dominic Purcell. He later signed a commercial modeling contract with Reco Talent Agency in Manila, Philippines and secured advertising campaigns with HTC and Pepsi. Following Vikingdom, Knowles began hosting a travel TV show in the Philippines and was cast in a number of different Chinese productions, including the TV series Upright Men and Women, the series Red Sorghum (the largest TV series produced in China), and the TV series Deng Xiaoping at History's Crossroads. In addition to acting, Knowles served as the host of a weekly travel and news show, This is Chengdu, during his time living in the city. While hosting, he also continued to film a number of other television series, commercials, and movies, including a series of advertisements for tourism in China. Knowles also hosted the 2014 "Oscars Live" broadcast for Youku to China. In 2014, Knowles was offered a full government scholarship to study at the Beijing Film Academy. Upon enrollment, he became the first non-Asian / Caucasian at the academy. In 2015 he joined the cast of Love Me If You Dare in the recurring role of Dr. Barnes. That same year, in August of 2016, he played a lead role in the TV series Eastern Battlefield. Knowles portrayed US General Evans Carlson in Red Star Over China. Knowles is currently portraying a lead role as Jet in the upcoming film Bond: Kizuna and also starring as Rawa in the 2018 film Asura.  See full bio on IMDb »

Mathew Knowles Surprises Beyonce and Tina After On the Run II Tour Concert

Mathew Knowles
Reunion with Beyonce and Tina Was a Backstage Surprise

Mathew Knowles caught ex-wife Tina and Beyonce completely off guard at her final tour stop, but he tells TMZ the surprise gesture was purely out of love.  Check… READ MORE >

Mathew Knowles Says Beyonce Wouldn't Be as Popular with Darker Skin

Mathew Knowles
Light Skin Helps Beyonce's Fame And She's Not Alone

Brace yourselves, Beyhive ... Beyonce's father says the Beyhive might not even exist if his daughter was darker skinned than she is. Mathew Knowles went off about race in the music biz, saying… READ MORE >

- 313 days ago
Beyonce's Dad Mathew Knowles' Father's Day Welcome to Twins (UPDATE)

Beyonce's Dad
Father's Day Welcome to Twins!!!

12:14 PM PT -- Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles, just liked Mathew's post on IG, making her the 2nd family member to publicly acknowledge the birth.Beyonce's dad weighed in on the birth of his twin… READ MORE >

- 545 days ago
Mathew Knowles Narrows Down Beyonce's Due Date, Says the Twins Are Coming (VIDEO)

Mathew Knowles
Beyonce's Pop Says ... When She's Gonna Pop

Mathew Knowles has some insider info that should get the Beyhive buzzin' ... about how much longer we have to wait 'til Beyonce has her twins. Bey's father came on "TMZ Live" and we asked him to… READ MORE >

- 575 days ago
Mathew Knowles -- I Don't Want to Be Beyonce's Manager ... I Want to Be Her Dad (VIDEO)

Mathew Knowles
I Don't Want to Be Beyonce's Manager I Want to Be Her Dad

Mathew Knowles was super interesting Tuesday, telling our photog he and Beyonce made peace long before anyone knew. Mathew and Blush Music, the rap group he's managing, were tooling around Bev… READ MORE >

- 934 days ago
Beyonce -- I'm My Daddy's Girl ... Again (PHOTO)

I'm My Daddy's Girl ... Again

Beyonce made it crystal clear what was strongly insinuated in her latest music video ... she's reestablished relations with her dad. Tina Knowles posted this pic of Bey leaning on Mathew Knowles'… READ MORE >

- 940 days ago
Mathew Knowles -- The IRS Wants My Bills, Bills, Bills

Mathew Knowles
The IRS Wants My Bills, Bills, Bills

Mathew Knowles is holding seminars on how to make it big in showbiz ... maybe the first lesson should be: PAY YOUR TAXES, because the feds are after him again.  Uncle Sam just bitch… READ MORE >

- 1145 days ago
Mathew Knowles -- You Can Be Beyonce ... For The Low Price of $299

Mathew Knowles
You Can Be Beyonce For The Low Price of $299

Beyonce didn't become Beyonce on her own ... she had years of intense schooling from her dad, Mathew Knowles ... and now he wants to give YOU the same chance ... if you have the cash. THE… READ MORE >

- 1164 days ago
Mathew Knowles -- Here's a Switch ... Screw Your Accountant!

Mathew Knowles
Here's a Switch Screw Your Accountant!

Mathew Knowles has a knack for finding financial trouble ... he just got socked with a big judgment by a company he hired to get him out of the money hole he dug for himself. Check this out… READ MORE >

- 1174 days ago
Solange Knowles -- Nailed By Taxman Days After Marriage

Solange Knowles
Nailed By Taxman Days After Marriage

8:00 AM PT -- A rep for Solange tells TMZ ... "The lien is in process of being removed as there was simply confusion on whether Solange was a California resident. We expect this to come to a… READ MORE >

- 1448 days ago
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