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Nick Young

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Educated at preparatory school followed by The Corona Stage School, Nicholas Young was already in his early 20s when he auditioned for the role of "John" in The Tomorrow People (1973). Prior to landing the role, he appeared in The Children's Film Foundation production Eagle Rock (1964), the little-remembered television series The Flying Swan (1965) and Front Page Story (1965), Upstairs, Downstairs (1971) and a number of one-off television plays including The Connoisseur (1966), directed by Waris Hussein (whose credits include the first ever Doctor Who). In addition, while working on The Tomorrow People he featured in the two-part Space: 1999 (1975) story The Bringers of Wonder (the first broadcast on August 4, 1977) as Peter Rockwell, and, in the same year, played alongside Jon Pertwee (the 3rd incarnation of Doctor Who) as a young gangster called Legs Luigi in the film Adventures of a Private Eye (1977). Young was the only cast member to stay with The Tomorrow People (1973) for its entire six year run. After its conclusion in 1979, he appeared in numerous other programs including the series Kessler (1981), and Cymbeline (1982) (part of the BBC Shakespeare series); perhaps more famously he appeared as a Jeremy Beadle stooge in over 40 sketches for Game for a Laugh (1981) and Beadle's About (1986). More recently, he has worked as a theatrical agent, representing, among others, Philip Gilbert. The two were reunited once again in 2001, as they reprised their roles as John and TIM for the new Tomorrow People audio adventures released by Big Finish Productions.  See full bio on IMDb »

Steph Curry Slams Ribs, Parties w/ E-40 for 30th Bday Bash

Steph Curry
Yachts, Ribs & E-40 ... for 30th Bday Bash!

How did Steph Curry get down for his dirty 30?? By pullin' up to his party in a frickin' YACHT ... and slamming a plate of ribs during a live E-40 set!! And that's just a taste of what… READ MORE >

Nick Young Gets Hypnotized, Proceeds to Make Out with Puppet

Nick Young
Makes Out with Puppet ... While Hypnotized

Why was Nick Young kissing a puppet and grooving like Michael Jackson over the weekend?  Don't worry -- it's 'cause he was hypnotized ... and there's video!! It all went down at the… READ MORE >

- 54 days ago
Swaggy P & Draymond Green: Bro Date to 'Hamilton,' Here's the Review ...

Swaggy P & Draymond
Bro Date to 'Hamilton' Here's the Review ...

Draymond Green told Nick Young he needed to "expand [his] horizons" ... so he took his NBA teammate to see the play "Hamilton." Yep ... it was bros' night out at the CIBC Theatre in Chicago… READ MORE >

- 57 days ago
Draymond Green Loses Two NFL Bets to Nick Young, Swaggy Gloats

Nick Young
Steelers & Saints Lost ... Pay Up, Draymond!!!

Wanna know what's worse than betting on the Steelers and the Saints Sunday?? Losing both bets to a giddy Nick Young ... and having to pay up with your whole team watching!! That's exactly what… READ MORE >

- 61 days ago
Nick Young Says NFL 'Always Cheat for the Patriots'

Nick Young
NFL 'Always Cheat for the Patriots'

Nick Young says it's painfully obvious why the Patriots are so damn successful -- the NFL's CHEATING FOR THEM. On the same night as his accidental Iggy Azalea reunion, we also got Swaggy P… READ MORE >

- 84 days ago
Iggy Azalea Blasts Nick Young After Accidental Dinner Reunion

Iggy Azalea
Blasts Nick Young ... After Accidental Dinner Reunion

Roughly 18 months after calling it quits ... Iggy Azalea and Nick Young came face-to-face at Craig's in L.A. on Sunday -- and it was definitely NOT sunshine and rainbows.  Swaggy (who plays… READ MORE >

- 90 days ago
Nick Young Says He's Gotten Reality TV Offers, Holding Out for Kardashian Money

Nick Young
Reality TV Wants Swaggy P! ... I Want Kardashian $$$

Move over, Lonzo Ball -- Nick Young's not only down to star in his own reality show -- he says he's already gotten a bunch of offers to put the life of Swaggy P on TV!! Swaggy… READ MORE >

- 131 days ago
Nick Young Says Dinosaur Attacked OKC Thunder Plane

Nick Young
Science by Swaggy: Dinosaur Attacked OKC Thunder Plane!

It's a bird! It's a plane!! It's ... a dinosaur???  We asked Warriors baller Nick Young what the hell coulda smacked into the OKC Thunder airplane on Friday night -- making a HUGE… READ MORE >

- 137 days ago
Nick Young Inadvertently Started the Gilbert Arenas Gun Drama

Nick Young
Inadvertently Started the Gilbert Arenas Gun Drama

Nick Young says he taught JaVale McGee everything he knows about the card game Bourre ... which might be a problem since it was THAT game that ignited the biggest gun standoff in NBA… READ MORE >

- 190 days ago
Nick Young: I Wanna See Kobe In the BIG3 League!

Nick Young
I Wanna See Kobe In the BIG3!

Swaggy P feels the same way we all do about Ice Cube trying to get Kobe Bryant in the BIG3 -- make it happen, bro!!!! Earlier this week, Cube said he's been talking to Kobe and he's hoping he can… READ MORE >

- 219 days ago
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