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Ray J

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Ray J was born on January 17, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, USA as Willie Ray Norwood Jr. He is an actor and producer, known for Mars Attacks! (1996), Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2014) and Moesha (1996).  See full bio on IMDb »

Ray J Explains His Constantly Moving Hat on 'Love & Hip Hop'

Ray J on 'L&HH'
What Had Happened With My Damn Moving Hat Was ...

Ray J says the reason his beanie seemed to have a mind of its own this week on 'Love & Hip Hop' has more to do with Hollywood magic than any real hat trick.  Ray broke down the 50… READ MORE >

Ray J and Princess Love Score VH1 Baby Special With Heidi and Spencer Pratt

Ray J And Princess Love
Score VH1 Baby Special ... With a Speidi Assist!

Ray J doesn't have a clue about how to change diapers, but the father-to-be is about to learn from two people who have firsthand experience ... Heidi and Spencer Pratt. Sources tell us Ray J… READ MORE >

- 126 days ago
Ray J Confirms He And Princess Love Are Expecting Baby Girl

Ray J
No One's Coming Near My Baby Girl! I'll Be A Hands-On Dad!

Ray J doesn't know the first thing about changing diapers but says that's not gonna stop him from being a hands-on dad when his baby girl arrives, especially since he's not planning on… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
Brandy Skipped Ray J's Baby Shower After Fight with Princess Love

Ray J
Brandy Skipped Baby Shower ... After Fight w/ Princess Love

Ray J and Princess Love's baby shower this weekend was missing two key people -- Ray's sister Brandy and their mom -- and the absence is the result of bad blood ... TMZ has learned.… READ MORE >

- 155 days ago
Ray J and Princess Love's Baby Shower Registry Reveals, It's a Girl

Ray J & Princess Love
Baby Registry Screams ... It's a Girl!!!

Ray J and Princess Love are having a baby, and they've kept the sex of the kid under wraps -- but if you peep the registry they got for their shower ... it's pretty clear they're having a… READ MORE >

- 159 days ago
Ray J: Scoot-E-Bike Was My Idea, Lawsuit's a Shakedown

Ray J
Scoot-E-Bike Idea Was All Mine!!! Lawsuit's a Shakedown

Ray J's slamming the breaks on some dude suing him for stealing the idea behind Scoot-E-Bike ... calling the suit a pure money grab. Ray J's manager, David Weintraub, tells TMZ ... Scoot-E-Bike is… READ MORE >

- 223 days ago
Ray J Sued, Allegedly Screwed Partner Over a Scooter

Ray J Sued
Allegedly Screwed Partner Over a Scooter

Ray J is a scooter thief ... so claims a self-professed "trendsetter, nature lover and bike aficionado" who is suing the 'Love & Hip Hop' star for $30 million. A guy named Jean Paul claims… READ MORE >

- 223 days ago
Ray J and Princess Love Really Are Expecting Their First Child

Ray J & Princess Love
We ARE Pregnant!!! Here's the Proof

Ray J's wife, Princess Love, is pregnant despite what the doubters say... and the sonogram proves it. Ray J went on "The Real" Monday morning and announced he and Princess are expecting their… READ MORE >

- 268 days ago
Ray J and Princess Love Giving Away 10 lbs. O' Halloween Candy

Ray J and Princess Love
Giving Out 10 lbs. O' Halloween Candy & Other Celebrity Treats

Ray J and Princess Love are going all out to crush their neighbors for best trick or treatin' spot on the block because they're giving away 10 lbs. worth of full-size candy bars! While kids… READ MORE >

- 295 days ago
Ray J Tries to Impress Princess Love by Babysitting Manager's 1-Year-Old on 'L&HHH'

Ray J & Princess Love
Crash Course in Babysitting ... With Cute 1-Year-Old

Ray J and his wife Princess Love have baby fever, and it's being put to the test with the addition of the newest "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" cast member -- one-year-old Stevie Rose Weintraub.… READ MORE >

- 352 days ago
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