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Ric Flair

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Richard Morgan Fliehr isn't what you'd expect from a professional wrestler. A medical student at Minnesota University (his father was a doctor, his mother an actress), Flair dropped out college to train for the mat wars under legendary former AWA World champ Verne Gagne. He made his professional wrestling debut on December 10, 1972, wrestling "Scrap Iron" George Gadaski (real name: John Kosti) to a ten minute draw in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. After spending the first few months of his career with Gagne's Minneapolis Boxing & Wrestling Club (which used the brand name "American Wrestling Association"), Flair moved on to Charlotte, North Carolina where he became a regular for Jim Crockett Promotions (a member of the worldwide sanctioning body known as the National Wrestling Alliance) under the direction of matchmaker (wrestling terminology for writer) George Scott. In 1981, he captured his first NWA World title (he would hold that belt officially nine other times). Later on, he would work for both World Championship Wrestling (a company formed by Ted Turner after buying the wrestling assets of JCP) and Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment. He has been officially recognized as a World champion (an honor which generally signifies that a wrestler is the top attraction in any given company) 21 times, garnering recognition from the NWA, WWE, and WCW (as well as the WCW spin-off group WCWI, or World Championship Wrestling International). He is the only man in wrestling history to hold all four versions of the title.  See full bio on IMDb »

Ric Flair Endorses Kane for Mayor with Epic Video

Ric Flair
Kane for Mayor ... WOOOO!

WWE legend Kane has some serious political firepower in his corner -- THE NATURE BOY!!! Ric Flair just cut a WWE-style promotional video to support his friend Glenn Jacobs -- who's running for… READ MORE >

Ric Flair Says Manchester Attack Shouldn't Scare Sports Fans From Going To Live Events (VIDEO)

Ric Flair To Sports Fans
Don't Fear Terrorists We Gotta Keep Showing Up

Ric Flair says there's one way to beat the cowards responsible for the terrible Manchester Attacks ... SHOW UP ... telling TMZ Sports we can't be afraid to go to big events. As we reported, the… READ MORE >

- 153 days ago
Ric Flair Says He Almost Ran for NC Governor, Here's Why He Didn't (VIDEO)

Ric Flair
I Almost Ran For Governor ... Here's Why It Didn't Happen

Governor Nature Boy? According to Mr. Stylin' and Profilin' himself it almost happened, and now Ric Flair is telling TMZ Sports what he saw that made him change his mind about getting into… READ MORE >

- 156 days ago
LeBron James told Ric Flair, 'You Kept Me Off the Streets' (VIDEO)

Ric Flair
LeBron James Told Me 'You Kept Me Off the Streets'

LeBron James told Ric Flair his jet-flying, Rolex-wearing lifestyle inspired him as a kid to stay off the streets and become a world famous superstar. WOOOOO!!! TMZ Sports spoke with The Nature… READ MORE >

- 159 days ago
Ric Flair's Fiancee In Bad Car Crash, 'Will Be Ok' (PHOTO)

Ric Flair
Fiancee In Bad Car Crash ... 'Will Be Ok'

Ric Flair's fiancee, Wendy Barlow, was hospitalized after a bad car crash Tuesday night -- but the pro wrestling legend says it appears she'll be okay!! Flair revealed the scary news around 6 PM… READ MORE >

- 181 days ago
Ric Flair Kicked Out of Bar, Tells Bartender 'Lose Some Weight' (VIDEO)

Ric Flair
Video Shows WWE Legend Trashing Bartender

New footage has surfaced showing WWE legend Ric Flair trying to fat shame a bartender during a heated exchange in an Indiana bar ... moments before he was booted and banned for life. It all went… READ MORE >

- 197 days ago
Ric Flair Deadlifts 400 Pounds At 67 (VIDEO)

Ric Flair
Deadlifts 400 Pounds At 67??? Woooooooooooooooo!!!

Here's 67-year-old Ric Flair totally crapping on your New Year's resolution ... showing he's stronger than you'll EVER BE ... by deadlifting what appears to be 400 lbs (we counted it up, 4 plates… READ MORE >

- 293 days ago
Ric Flair -- Halle Berry Damage Control ... 'She's a Nice Person' (VIDEO)

Ric Flair
Halle Berry Damage Control 'She's a Nice Person'

He's not backing off ... but Ric Flair is certainly trying to make nice with Halle Berry after pissing the actress off by claiming he banged her back in the '90s.  READ MORE >

- 383 days ago
Halle Berry -- Ric Flair's Lying About Sex ... Rep Says

Halle Berry
Ric Flair's Lying About Sex ... Rep Says

Halle Berry NEVER had sex with Ric Flair ... despite claims the wrestling legend made on his radio show -- this according to Halle's rep.  READ MORE >

- 385 days ago
Conor McGregor -- John Cena's A 'Failed Mr. Olympia Mother F*****'

Conor McGregor
John Cena's A 'Failed Mr. Olympia Mother F*****'

Conor McGregor continued his all out assault on the WWE, this time going after one of the company's biggest stars ... John Cena and calling him a "failed Mr. Olympia mother f*****." McGregor did… READ MORE >

- 437 days ago
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