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Grammy-winning Latina pop singer Shakira was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on February 2, 1977. Her father is a Lebanese American immigrant and her mother a native of Colombia of Italian and Spanish descent. Shakira began her musical career at age 12 and quickly captured fans throughout Latin America. She won the 2001 Best Latin pop Grammy for her "MTV Unplugged" album.  See full bio on IMDb »

Shakira vs. Sofia: Who'd You Rather?

Shakira vs. Sofia:
Who'd You Rather?

Colombian goddesses Shakira and Sofia Vergara sizzled at last night's American Music Awards.Question is ... More Who'd You Rather Elvis vs. Roger: Who'd You Rather? Liza vs. Arlene: Who'd You… READ MORE >

Red Carpet No-No Alert

Red Carpet
No-No Alert

Pink and Shakira just showed up to the VMAs wearing the EXACT same dress. Someone's stylist is getting fired!The question is ... READ MORE >

- 2994 days ago
This is a polls test - frank

This is a polls test - frank

This is a test!  READ MORE >

- 3025 days ago
Hips Don't Lie

Hips Don't Lie

It's 32-year-old Colombian singer Shakira.Shakira is engaged to the son of the former president of Argentina. See Also Guess Who This Lil' Gal Turned Into!  READ MORE >

- 3127 days ago
Shakira: Finally, Something Hot for House Interns

Finally, Something Hot for House Interns

The war is never-ending, foreign policy is going down the crapper and the economy is in a tailspin -- so it's not really the best time for Congress to be taking meetings with Shakira. But they… READ MORE >

- 3502 days ago
Dark Side of Shakira's Moon

Dark Side
Of Shakira's Moon

Mega-generous Shakira made a cheeky exit from a Manhattan eatery last night, demonstrating the paparazzi-friendly properties of stretchy black fabric, bright lighting, and celebrity skin. As she… READ MORE >

- 3706 days ago
Shakira Foundation Shimmies Up $45 Million for Charity

Shakira Foundation
Shimmies Up $45 Million For Charity

Her hips don't lie and neither does her wallet! Shapely Colombian pop singer Shakira dug deep in her foundation's bank account and donated $45 million to charity on Friday. The sexy singer… READ MORE >

- 3709 days ago
Shakira's MySpace Access -- Denied!

Shakira's MySpace Access

The "Beautiful Liar" was seen departing Koi in Los Angeles over the weekend, and while most fans were happily shouting and waving to Shaki, one fan was heard yelling, "I requested you on MySpace,… READ MORE >

- 3749 days ago
Penelope and Shakira Out Cruisin'

Penelope and Shakira
Out Cruisin'

It seems that Penelope Cruz is having trouble finding a date since she broke up with Matthew McConaughey -- so she's hitting the hip spots with her hip-shakin' girlfriend, Shakira! The curvacious… READ MORE >

- 3812 days ago
Hollywood Zombies!


They're rich. They're famous. And they're dead! Thanks to our friends at, death has never been so stimulating. Visit "Cosmo Ghoul" Nicole Retchie, Sanjaya Malacarcass and… READ MORE >

- 3814 days ago
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