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Sting was born Gordon Matthew Sumner on 2 October, 1951 in Wallsend, North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear, England, the eldest of four children of Audrey (Cowell), a hairdresser, and Ernest Matthew Sumner, an engineer and milkman. He received his name from a striped sweater he wore which looked like a bee. He grew up in the turmoil of the ship-building industry and wanted to become a musician very early. He played cruise ships, backing strippers in cabarets, and developed a love for the bass guitar. Having played in jazz/rock bands like "Last Exit" and other various groups, including a dixieland jazz group, he settled down with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers for a decade-long tenure with the smashing rock trio, The Police. In 1984, he went on to record solo albums, and holds a reputation as one of the most literate songwriters and talented musicians in the world. He has also delved into acting, having starred in such films as Quadrophenia (1979), Radio On (1979), Plenty (1985), Julia and Julia (1987) (aka Julia and Julia), Dune (1984), Bring on the Night (1985) (a documentary about the formation of his Blue Turtles jazz group), most recently, Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets (1995), where he plays a bisexual, conniving butler. He received an honorary Doctorate of Music degree from Northumbria University in October 1992, and from Berklee College of Music in May 1994. He plays guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, harmonica, saxophone and pan-flute, and he gave a name to his bass (Brian). Sting is married to film producer Trudie Styler, and has six children with Trudie and ex-wife, actress Frances Tomelty. Sting owns a Jacobian castle in Wiltshire, which he calls "Lake House", where he records his albums, as well as a place in London, an apartment in New York, a place on the beach in Malibu, California, and a Renaissance Florentine Villa called "Palagio" in Figline Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy. Along with his wife Trudie and a Brazilian Indian, he started the Rainforest Foundation in 1989 to help save rainforests.  See full bio on IMDb »

Sting: Good Genes or Good Docs?

Good Genes or Good Docs?

Every breath he takes we'll be watching Sting not age.Here's the 35-year-old former Police frontman back in 1986 (left) -- and 23 years later, the 57-year-old version at an event in NYC last week… READ MORE >

Sting -- Hugh's Rubbing Off on Me

Sting -- Hugh's Rubbing Off on Me

Sting must be gunning for Hugh Jackman's job, because with that beard yesterday in L.A., he looked like he was an Adamantium skeleton away from being the next Wolverine. See Also Jackman -- Even… READ MORE >

- 3396 days ago
Pete Doherty Dogged by Airport Sting

Pete Doherty Dogged by Airport Sting

Pete Doherty isn't the kinda guy you bring home to dad -- so no wonder Sting was calling BS on UK tab stories his daughter was hanging out with the male Amy Winehouse. See Also "Dancing" Party… READ MORE >

- 3633 days ago
"Dancing" Party Popped by Police

'Dancing' Party
Popped by Police

Every lapdance Sting takes. Every move Shannon Elizabeth makes.If you're at danceboy Derek Hough's b-day party at The Bank at the Bellagio in Vegas, we'll be watchin' you. See Also Derek Hough:… READ MORE >

- 3680 days ago
Chris Brown Wants a Piece of Kim K's Booty

Chris Brown Wants a Piece of Kim K's Booty

Chris Brown wouldn't talk about Rihanna -- but he didn't mind bringing up Kim K's big phat ass.Also in L.A.: Katie Price and a blond Peter Andre barely covered up a crotch shot, James Marsters… READ MORE >

- 3709 days ago
Malibu Celebs on Fire Watch

Malibu Celebs
On Fire Watch

James Cameron and Olivia Newton-John have been evacuated, and there are many more celebs in the Malibu area whose homes are in danger. Numerous homes along Pacific Coast Highway have been… READ MORE >

- 3897 days ago
'The Police' Nab Jennifer Aniston

'The Police' Nab Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Alanis Morissette and Jeremy Piven were all rallying for the police last night -- well, the Sting-fronted band of the same name, anyway. Ms. Aniston made a sneaky… READ MORE >

- 4019 days ago
Sting's Daughters -- The New Hilton Sisters

Sting's Daughters -- The New Hilton Sisters

Sting hit the club scene in Las Vegas over the weekend after performing with "The Police," but insiders say the the real party was his two daughters.After their concert at MGM Grand, Sting and The… READ MORE >

- 4022 days ago
Nicole: Pregnant and Engaged?

Nicole: Pregnant and Engaged?

Rumors of Nicole Richie's pregnancy have been swirling all week. Now sources are saying the slim "Simple Life" star is engaged, too. She (with rocker boyfriend Joel Madden in tow) turned up a… READ MORE >

- 4024 days ago
Aged to Perfection!

Aged to Perfection!

Some stars look like they've been scared out of their wits, or filled with spackling and putty. But not this beautiful bunch! TMZ has pumped up a gallery of some well preserved stars, with their… READ MORE >

- 4051 days ago
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