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Tyron Woodley

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Tyron Woodley is known for his work on Sultan (2016), Straight Outta Compton (2015) and Olympus Has Fallen (2013).  See full bio on IMDb »

Wiz Khalifa Promises Music Video and 100 Remixes of 'I'll Beat Yo Ass!'

Wiz Khalifa
Promises Music Video & 100 Remixes ... Of 'I'll Beat Yo Ass!'

Wiz Khalifa is so jacked up about his song with Tyron Woodley ... he's tellin' TMZ Sports 100 different versions of it are on the way!!! We got Wiz leaving The Forum on Wednesday night when… READ MORE >

Floyd Mayweather Says 70% Chance Khabib Fight Happens

Floyd Mayweather
70% Chance Khabib Fight Happens

Tyron Woodley says he spoke with Floyd Mayweather -- and the boxer told him he honestly believes there's a 70% chance the fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov actually happens.  You can see Tyron… READ MORE >

- 3 days ago
Tyron Woodley Says Khabib's Friends Won't Get Fired, At Least Not Yet

Tyron Woodley
Khabib's Friends Won't Get Fired ... At Least, Not Yet

Khabib Nurmagomedov ain't gonna walk from the UFC because Dana White ain't gonna fire his teammates for the UFC 229 brawl -- at least not yet ... so says Tyron Woodley.  Tyron believes the… READ MORE >

- 10 days ago
Tyron Woodley Undergoes Hand Surgery, Could Fight In December

Tyron Woodley
Undergoes Hand Surgery ... Could Fight In Dec.

Tyron Woodley had an interesting day -- he took his son to the doctor to fix his injured labrum and ended up going under the knife himself ... TMZ Sports has learned.  Woodley took his son… READ MORE >

- 13 days ago
Conor's $50 Million Check Is Great For Me, Says Tyron Woodley

Conor McGregor
$50 Mil Check Is Great For Me! ... Says Tyron Woodley

Fat UFC paychecks for Conor McGregor mean fat UFC paychecks for Tyron Woodley ... at least that's what the welterweight champ is sayin'. Check out Tyron when he learns Conor will make somewhere… READ MORE >

- 16 days ago
Nate Diaz Says He's NOT Backing Out of UFC 230, Wants New Division

Nate Diaz
I'm NOT Backing Out of UFC 230 ... Wants New Division

Nate Diaz says he will 100% be at Madison Square Garden to fight at UFC 230 on Nov. 3 -- but if Dustin Poirier won't fight at 165 pounds, he wants a new opponent.  "Anybody who wants it at… READ MORE >

- 21 days ago
Tyron Woodley Rips Nick Diaz, 'I'll Beat Your Ass!'

Tyron Woodley
Rips Nick Diaz ... 'I'll Beat Your Ass!'

Tyron Woodley says Nick Diaz must be out of his DAMN MIND if he really wants a piece of The Chosen One ... telling TMZ Sports he'd destroy Nick if he really wants to get in the… READ MORE >

- 25 days ago
Nick Diaz Says Conor and Khabib Are Overrated, 'I'll Beat Both They Asses'

Nick Diaz
Conor and Khabib Are Overrated ... 'I'll Beat Both They Asses'

Nick Diaz with the fire takes it outside Warwick nightclub in Hollywood Wednesday night -- saying Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov are "not that good" and he'd crush 'em both.  The… READ MORE >

- 25 days ago
Logan Paul On Sage Northcutt Fight, 'I'd Have to Train My Ass Off'

Logan Paul
On Sage Northcutt Fight 'I'd Have to Train My Ass Off'

Logan Paul knows he can't just jump in the Octagon and wreck Sage Northcutt -- telling TMZ Sports if the two hammer out a deal ... he'd have to "train his ass off" first.  Of course, Logan… READ MORE >

- 29 days ago
Tyron Woodley Believes He's Next In Line for Conor McGregor After Khabib

Tyron Woodley
I'm Next In Line for Conor ... If He Beats Khabib

Conor McGregor vs. Tyron Woodley?? Tyron thinks it's just a matter of time ... and the time is right after Conor beats Khabib at UFC 229.  "If Conor wins, the only fight that makes sense for… READ MORE >

- 31 days ago
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