Bust at Hot Hollywood Club

3/23/2006 5:30 PM PST

Bust at Hot Hollywood Club

At least 10 LAPD vice officers raided club Mood in Hollywood early Thursday morning, and TMZ caught all the action on tape.

One woman was arrested, cuffed and taken into custody. An LAPD detective told TMZ that she was underage and inside the club with two fake IDs.

Under California law, no one under 21 is allowed inside Mood.

In January, TMZ got a photo of 18-year-old singer Jesse McCartney drinking a Corona inside Mood.

TMZ also shot video of Mary-Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and Frankie Muniz -- all under 21 -- entering and leaving the club. We reported that the club -- which attracts a number of young celebrities -- has never been cited by California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), the primary agency responsible for enforcing the State's underage drinking laws.

TMZ contacted the ABC Thursday -- a spokesperson told TMZ they were at Mood and other clubs Wednesday night and Thursday morning but did not find any violations.

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