Hasselhoffs May Be Burying the Hatchet

3/31/2006 1:34 PM PST

Hasselhoffs May Be Burying the Hatchet

The bitter divorce between David and Pamela Hasselhoff may suddenly end -- the parties may have settled their differences over custody and visitation.

TMZ obtained a document filed with the judge in the divorce case. It's an e-mail sent by Marci Levine, a lawyer representing David. It states in part: "We believe that we may have reached a full resolution of the custody and visitation issues and are in the process of preparing a formal judgment..."

The Hasselhoffs and their daughters were in court earlier this week, haggling over visitation.
The case has been laced with allegations of domestic violence, including a claim from Pamela that David once broke her nose in a fit of rage.
David denies the allegation.

The e-mail asks the judge to delay the next hearing, claiming: "...we do not want to lose any momentum for settlement..." Read more

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