Star Catcher: Oscar Winner Hits Red Carpet

6/16/2006 2:11 PM PDT

Star Catcher - Oscar Winner Hits Red Carpet

It was a very busy night in Hollywood as our own Josh Levine made his rounds, stopping by a benefit for the LA Mission and then heading over to one of our favorite spots Hyde, were he caught up with tons of stars.

The first stop of the night was a benefit event for the LA Mission were we ran into Jeremy Piven, Rachel Bilson, Nia Long, Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman and Michelle Rodriguez, who was a little unprepared for the event telling photo seekers "Dude, I'm not wearing any make-up."

Next stop- Hyde, usually packed with most of young Hollywood. Thursday night was no exception.  We caught up with a couple of usuals- Jared Leto, Kevin Connolly and girlfriend Nicky Hilton. Always a sport, Kevin stopped to pose with fans as Nicky rushed into the club.