Sheryl Misses Lance: "That Phantom Itch"

7/6/2006 1:45 PM PDT

Sheryl Misses Lance: "That Phantom Itch"

Sheryl Crow isn't angry with Lance Armstrong over their break-up, but she clearly misses him immensely, saying that losing Lance was like "having part of your life amputated."

In an exclusive interview following the very public end of her relationship with Armstrong and her battle with breast cancer, Crow told "Good Morning America's" Diane Sawyer that there was a growing divide between her and Armstrong over the last days of their time together, but that she absolutely didn't believe that Armstrong "bailed" on her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The singer-songwriter seemed calm and resolute when talking about the fight to save her life, but certainly made it clear that the seven-time Tour de France winner, to whom she was engaged for five months, still occupied a significant place in her heart.

"You still have that phantom itch, you know, where you wake up and I'll see something and think, 'Oh, I've got to make sure Lance is hip to this band. I've got to put it on his iPod.' And then I remember, 'Oh, wait, you know, that's not my life."

Part II of Sawyer's interview with Crow airs Friday morning.