Top 5 Worst Celeb Couples

7/6/2006 6:15 PM PDT

Top 5 Worst Celeb Couples

Get your barf bags ready, there's a new gross couple alert circulating in Hollywood. Us Weekly reports 53-year-old Jeff Goldblum and 24-year-old Nicole Richie have been spotted together on the town. Ew.

As far as star couples are concerned, it could be fact it has. Ladies and gentlemen, TMZ presents our picks for the top 5 worst celebrity couples of all-time.

5) Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

This all-star union was a train wreck from beginning to end ... all nine days of it. From Rodman's claim he was drunk at the wedding, to the couple's domestic violence arrests. (Rodman claims Carmen poked him with a rose stem and punched him.) All charges were dropped.

4) Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

She was a world-class diva. He was a bad boy. Together they've been nothing but trouble. Numerous arrests, allegations of drug use and the steady decline of one of the world's most beautiful voices ... sad really.

3) Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

Charlie's Angel almost had to pack up her wings for this one. Nobody really knows how Tom duped Drew into actually swapping I Do's, but less than six months after they wed, they chalked up the union due to irreconcilable differences. Maybe she saw "Freddy Got Fingered."

2) Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

Remember their infamous sexless and affectionless liplock at the 1994 MTV music video awards? Gross.

1) Kim Mathers and Eminem

Nothing says "true love" more than describing the brutal murder of your wife through the words of an ultra-violent rap song, right?