Richards to Sail with "Pirates"

7/10/2006 7:29 PM PDT

Richards to Sail with "Pirates"

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards confirmed Monday what everybody already knew: He will join Johnny Depp in the next "Pirates of the Caribbean" film.

"As far as I know I believe I'm doing a week or so in September. That's the story that's what I'm told by the newspapers, that's what Johnny says so yeah...It suddenly answered the question as to why he [Depp] paid for all those dinners." Richards will play the father to Captain Jack Sparrow in the third film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." Richards was in good spirits at a press conference held to celebrate the relaunch of their European tour which was put on hold when the guitarist suffered a head injury when he fell from a tree.

The band was on a break at the time of his injury and Stones frontman Mick Jagger was just as surprised as everyone else when he heard the news. "At that time I didn't really know how bad it was. I was in a pretty remote jungle in southeast Asia, so no i didn't think the worst to start off with, you never think the worst you always look and see how it's going to be."

When asked by a female reporter if he ever feared for his life, Richards just laughed off the question, "Good one girl....No, they put me out like a light you know ... I was pissed off when they woke me up because I had such a great sleep you know."

The Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang" tour picks up tomorrow in Milan.