Pam Soaks Up Sin City -- Jets to Wedding

7/28/2006 6:18 PM PDT

Pam Soaks Up Sin City -- Jets to Wedding

Anderson spent some of her last moments as a single woman in one of her favorite places, Las Vegas. While husband-to-be Kid Rock relaxed with another hot blonde in St. Tropez, the former "Baywatch" babe was in Vegas pushing her new Pam Poker venture.

With her high-profile wedding set to take place this weekend though, Pam could talk about little else.

"It's spontaneous, just kind of playing it by ear. But when we get home we're going to party all over. I'm getting on a plane, I have to make a few stops on the way there so gotta get traveling."

After walking the red carpet for the event and answering only a few questions, her publicist said she had a flight to catch and took off to meet up with her fiancé in St. Tropez.