(Don't) Take It Off!

8/7/2006 3:40 PM PDT

(Don't) Take It Off!

The beaches of Malibu were packed with stars this weekend -- though no sign of the town's rightful owner, Mel Gibson. And while we're sure there were plenty of bikini-clad babes and sixpack-sporting studs, we couldn't help but notice the stars who seemed a little, well, out of place.

Keanu Reeves was on the beach with a friend on Saturday. The "Matrix" star didn't seem too comfortable; he was decked out in a sports coat and sneakers. Hardly your typical beach attire. "Tootsie" star Dustin Hoffman would probably look better in a nice pants suit than he did in the water on Sunday. Hoffman boogie boarded in the ocean and brought his dogs to the beach with him.

Kelly Osbourne spent Saturday with friends on Malibu's Carbon Beach. She wore a black and white striped dress with gold earrings and a necklace while she walked up and down the beach a few times and played ball with some friends.

Ray Romano hit Malibu on Sunday with his twin sons, Matthew and Gregory. The "Everybody Loves Raymond" star was spotted walking along the beach covered in a towel. God bless that towel.