Divorce a Hassle For The Hoff

8/15/2006 1:36 PM PDT

Divorce a Hassle For The Hoff

Nothing is being left to chance in the divorce between David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach. David and Pamela have agreed on who pays what, right down to the vet bills.

In legal papers obtained by TMZ, filed Monday In Los Angeles Superior Court, the unhappy couple has agreed that the pad David is renting for $10,900 a month will be paid out of community funds. Community property will also be used to pay the mortgage (Pam and the couple's two kids live in the house), the gardener ($740 a month), security and pet expenses. There's also that pesky tuition payment of $24,590 which will be covered, as well as Pam's Mercedes ($1,333.97 a month).

Both The Hoff and Pam get to take $27,000 a month out of the community pot -- living expenses, of course. And then there are the lawyers. Each side gets a cool 50 grand.

Don't feel too sad for The Hoff. He made a ton of money off of "Baywatch." And "America's Got Talent" gives him a nice chunk of pocket change.

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