Overambitious Beyoncé

8/17/2006 1:15 PM PDT

Overambitious Beyoncé

"It's a goal to have a Tony, and Oscar and a Grammy." While Beyoncé may have jumped the shark with her latest music video "Deja Vu", we won't put achieving some of those goals past her ... in time.

While ridiculously ambitious (Foxy Cleopatra probably isn't Oscar material), Beyoncé's at least somewhat realistic saying, "I have a long way to go and I have a lot of time for that. I don't plan on doing Broadway until I'm older with kids ... And an Oscar, I have a long way to go. So one day."

Something else B's in no hurry to do is settle down and have children with boyfriend Jay-Z. "I'm young, I'm 24, I'll be 25 when this album comes out, but I have time, who knows when it will happen, it could happen in a year, could happen in 5 years, but I'm in no rush."

Her latest album, "B Day" will hit record stores in early September.