It's All In The Bag!

8/20/2006 12:00 PM PDT

It's All In The Bag!

Leave it to celebs to make diaper toting look fabulous!

The hot new items with Hollywood moms are called Beca Bags -- an innovative mix of style and function. The fashionable totes have become all the rage on the red carpet, thanks Beca-bearers like Denise Richards, Britney Spears and Katie Holmes.

Creator Christi Beca's innovative antibacterial designs range from unique metallic to 'Jackie-O like' to even straw - giving the latest Hollywood baby boomers the "next generation" in diaper bags.

A friend of Angelina Jolie's mother gave Shiloh's proud parents the Beca Cargo bag in black. Other celebrity mommies who tote their baby's diapers in Beca include: Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, Michelle Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Melissa Joan Hart and Carrie Ann Inaba to name a few.

A costume designer on "Desperate Housewives" ordered Beca's trendy bronzed cargo for Eva Longoria's character during her on-air pregnancy. Once the shows script turned corners and Gabrielle was no longer with child, actress Felicity Huffman asked to take the Beca Bag home. Shortly after, Huffman threw her friend a baby shower and the famous bronzed Beca Bag was one of Huffman's gifts to the expectant mom.

Beca Bags range from $165-$325.