"Beerfest": Funny People You Don't Know

8/22/2006 5:56 PM PDT

"Beerfest": Funny People You Don't Know

The premiere for the new comedy "Beerfest" happened last night at the Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood -- and it was swarming with actors you've never heard of.

A good comedy doesn't need to be full of big stars, just big laughs. Still, we offer a handy guide to Who The Hell These People Are.

Candace Smith was Miss Ohio 2003.

Gunter Shlierkamp was once Mr. Universe.

Jay Chandrasekhar (who also directs) and Erik Stolhanske were Campus Cops #1 & #2 in "The Dukes of Hazzard".

Also present were actors who played a Scuba Diver, an Amish Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay's Mother in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".

There's too much info to fit in this space, but check the video for the full scoop. You may not care yet, but after "Beerfest" hits theaters, we think you will.