Want Jessica's Lovely Locks?

9/3/2006 7:12 AM PDT

Want Jessica's Lovely Locks?

Jessica Simpson's already proven that fans want to smell (and, um, taste) like her by making her line of "Dessert" beauty products a success. So it was only a matter of time until they took it one step further -- by allowing admirers to replicate her cascades of beautiful blonde hair.

"It's good for an artist to try to change it up," says Jessica of her famous tresses, which fans will soon be able to copy with her new line of hair extensions called HairDo.

The extensions are available in many different styles and are an easy one-clip system that Simpson believes are for everybody. "It's good for an everyday person, whether you're going to school or going to work, to walk in and have people turn their heads, like 'oh my gosh, did she get a haircut, did she not?' I've always loved that shock value."

"Her hair is the most wanted hair around the world," says her stylist and BFF Ken Paves, who worked with Jessica to create the line. "Jessica has single handedly taken the taboo out of hair pieces."

The extensions will be available this fall both online and in salons across the country.