Kate Moss' Erotic Films

9/5/2006 2:38 PM PDT

Kate Moss' Erotic Films

Kate Moss is giving Victoria's Secret a run for their garter belt money.

Moss' latest gig has her modeling sexy undergarments in four short films, entitled "Dreams of Miss X," for the designer lingerie line Agent Provocateur.

The supermodel, who has enjoyed a meteoric rise back to the top after entering a rehab clinic in 2005, speaks and even appears nude in one of the erotic films, which were helmed by Mike Figgis, director of "Leaving Las Vegas."

Response has been so overwhelming that the first of the films, "Dream 1: Shadows," caused the company's site to crash after thousands logged on to check out the waif beauty in all her lacy splendor.

"Dream 2" will be available starting November 1 on the Agent Provocateur website, with the rest to debut in the following months.