Lohan's Stuff: Present and Accounted For

9/8/2006 4:56 PM PDT

Lohan's Stuff: Present and Accounted For

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay Lohan's Hermès Birkin bag, which contained up to $1 million in merchandise and asthma medication, was recovered by London's Metropolitan Police, but there was no word if any of the contents inside the pricey bag were missing.

TMZ spoke to Scotland Yard and can now report that the handbag was returned to Lohan with no property taken or removed from it.

Scotland Yard added that the "investigation is being treated as recovered lost property. The investigation is now over."

Ironically, Lohan's bag was returned with the help of the paparazzi.

According to "EXTRA," London police spent five hours in the offices of Big Pictures analyzing their video footage of the incident and were able to retrieve all of Lindsay's belongings.

Lohan's lawyer issued a statement thanking Darryn Lyons, Chairman of Big Pictures, adding "for once the paparazzi have finally been of help to her today."

Big Pictures released a statement to TMZ saying "Darryn Lyons and all at Big Pictures were very happy to assist Lindsay and the police with the safe return of her property and hope that she enjoys the rest of her stay in London."