La Lohan Still Homeless?

9/26/2006 10:20 PM PDT

La Lohan Still Homeless?

Does Lindsay Lohan really live in a hotel?

It's true, Lauren -- Lindsay currently resides in a hotel. But it's a fabulous hotel! The Chateau Marmont is where she calls home these days after having put her West Hollywood condo up for sale for $1.9 million at the end of this summer. While filming for the flick "Georgia Rule," Lohan finds it easier to shack up in the Sunset strip's swanky hotel.

Lindsay and her loverboy Harry Morton are currently on-again-off-again right now, but take a look at what Ms. Lohan is up to during her off-again phase.

What illness did Tessa from "Laguna Beach" have?

Risa, Tessa Keller has got to be the most innocent-seeming person on "Laguna Beach" to date, however she hasn't had it so easy the past couple of years. She was diagnosed with (the sometimes fatal) Stevens-Johnson Syndrome a few years back -- a condition she contracted after being perscribed a topical ointment to which she had an allergic reation. With this illness often come skin lesions -- a reason for which Tessa may have only allowed Chase, her closest friend at the time, to see her.

Make sure to tune in to MTV tonight at 10pm ET/PT to catch the latest episode of the ever drama filled season three.

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Who burned up Hulk Hogan's car?

David, this flaming incident was actually ruled an accident -- "nothing more, nothing less." Earlier this month, Hulk Hogan's 2001 Lamborghini was being driven by his 16-year-old son Nick, when he thought he smelled something burning inside the car. After he got out to take a look, the car went up in flames. Luckily Nick wasn't hurt, but the car was charred.

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What happened to Rachel from "The Real World: San Francisco" -- the girl who kissed Puck?

Lili, any "Real World" fan would agree that Rachel Campos will undoubtedly be known for (regretfully) kissing David "Puck" Rainey. But she's since been able to redeem herself. She went on to marry lumberjack Sean Duffy of "The Real World: Boston" and together they reside in Wisconsin where they have three children.

Rachel was a finalist for one of the co-host positions on "The View" back in 2003, but the job was given to "Survivor's" Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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What's the name of JLo's clothing line and where can I order?

Get ready to spend some money, Sheila, because you could spend hours shopping through JLo's collection. JLo by Jennifer Lopez is a "lifestyle brand" that caters to the many different facets of your life. From sweaters to swimwear to fragrances, Jennifer makes sure not to miss a beat. So sit back and visit to set up your account and let the purchasing begin!

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