Harry and Lindsay: Going Strong?

9/26/2006 3:39 PM PDT

Harry and Lindsay: Going Strong?

The significant other-related paraphernalia has apparently replaced the well-choreographed photo op as the new way to let people know that rumors of your breakup are untrue.

Lindsay Lohan was out in Beverly Hills yesterday, sporting her now-famous cast on her left arm -- and a hat that simply read, TEAM HARRY. We're guessing Lindsay wants everyone to know she and Harry are still together -- or she completely supports his dumping of her. But that doesn't seem likely.

In fact, when photogs were done following Lindsay in and out of Cartier, they even asked her if the pair was still on. "Yeah," she curtly shot back before pulling away.

Speaking of pulling away, Lindsay, who has a history of driving problems, said "Get out of the way of my car" repeatedly to photogs as she was getting in.

Rumors of Lindsay and Harry's breakup came out last week, and two nights ago sources tell us she was making out with Paris Hilton's ex, Stavros Niarchos, at a club in Hollywood.

On again? Off again? You decide.

UPDATE: Sources, and a few astute TMZ readers, tell us that Lisa Rinna sells TEAM HARRY hats at her boutique, Belle Gray, to support her hubby, Harry Hamlin, on "Dancing with the Stars." Maybe Lindsay is a reality TV fan?