Rosie: Bring Star Back ... Puhleeze!

9/26/2006 3:35 PM PDT

Rosie: Bring Star Back ... Puhleeze!

See what happens on "The View" when Barbara goes away for a few days? As the women of morning television reminisced over schoolyard memories, it was brought to the audience's attention that Rosie O'Donnell herself was a high school homecoming queen. Joy, ever ready with a spicy quip, remarked, "Was it based on being pretty ... errr ... I thought homecoming queens were more like Jessica Simpson." Oh, snap, girl.

Rosie clearly didn't take too kindly to this: She said that she missed Star Jones -- "I'm feeling the love" -- and then did some temporary housecleaning of her own, announcing, "After the break, we're going to come back without Joy Behar." To "The View," we say thank you for consistently delivering us a hot dish of morning bitchiness; no word yet on whether Star will take Rosie up on her offer.