Top 8 Tour of the World

9/28/2006 7:05 PM PDT

Top 8 Tour of the World

If you look at the average friends list on MySpace, there's a good chance the owner of that page has never met most of those people. You have a better chance of meeting "Tom" before you meet that model from Florida who loves thongs.

Three friends have decided to take the MySpace experience from the computer screen to the TV screen -- well, the DirecTV screen that is. Debuting October 2nd on DirecTV's channel 101, the show "Project MyWorld" will chronicle three women's adventures as they travel the globe meeting their MySpace friends. Each woman has their own unique quest in this part documentary, part international odyssey, part internet experience come to life.
Shaina is the hunt for the world's best indie band and will showcase the very best in the soundtrack for the show. Viewers will be allowed to vote for their favorite on MySpace. The winning band will have a music video directed by Shaina and shown on DirecTV.

Renee is taking internet dating to a new level as she scours the globe looking for that one special guy. She will date a different man in each location, hoping that along the way she'll find the perfect guy.

Taryn is on the lookout for fun and adventure. From the famous La Tomatina tomato-throwing festival in Spain to the Oktoberfest in Munich, there is no quest too big or too small as she searches for the most unique and fascinating MySpacers across the globe.

So while you're idly adding friends to your MySpace account, the Project MyWorld girls are meeting their friends in an action-packed world wide tour.