The Hoff is Huge ... in London

10/2/2006 6:57 PM PDT

The Hoff is Huge ... in London

In a scene straight out of The Twilight Zone, David Hasselhoff was swarmed by fans for the release of his new single, "Jump In My Car."

The former "Baywatch" star took time to sign copies of his autobiography, "Making Waves," and new single, proudly boasting the success of his latest music video for the song.

"We found an alley, got three girls and a 'Knight Rider' car, shot this thing in literally four hours and it has been downloaded over 4,200,000 times," says Hasselhoff about the ridiculous (and pretty damn viral) video which has made the rounds in heavy rotation thanks to the glory of sites like YouTube.

The Hoff promises more serious work from him in the future though, telling reporters, "I can do some really spiritual stuff about people that are close to me ... you know when they get in trouble with eating or alcohol or whatever comes into your life that you need to address."

Hasselhoff singing about eating disorders ... we can't wait!