Saget and Osmond Chase the Howie Dream

10/10/2006 11:04 AM PDT

Saget and Osmond Chase the Howie Dream

What in the name of 1990 is going on? First, Howie Mandel forced his way back into the public's consciousness with the single-minded hit, "Deal or No Deal." But now things are getting out of hand - both Bob Saget and Donny Osmond are about to hit primetime with game shows of their own.

Saget returns this week as host of "1 vs 100," a new show from the producers of "Deal or No Deal." Apparently running the Tanner household qualifies Saget to officiate the battle between one contestant and a "mob" of 100 people in an attempt to win $1 million.

In this clip from the show's premiere, Saget meets the first contestant and explains how the game is played.

Meanwhile, Donny Osmond, it was announced today, will host a new pilot for the return of "Name That Tune." Osmond, sans Marie and the Technicolor Dream Coat, will mediate this updated version of the classic game show as people from various age groups will compete, allowing the show to feature music from several different genres and eras.

The pilot for the show will tape in December and a decision about the show's future will come after that.