Tara Reid Goes Direct-to-Download

10/12/2006 2:22 PM PDT

Tara Reid Goes Direct-to-Download

Though Tara Reid can be a train wreck, she's trying to get back on track by bringing out her inner scream queen.

Starting this Halloween, interested viewers will be able to watch Tara run for her life in the horror flick "Incubus," which will be available for purchase on AOL RED, AOL's new teen-oriented venture.

Shelling out only $7.99 will score you a permanent copy of the movie, $3.59 for a 5-day-rental. While the film will eventually be released on DVD, it will be impossible to burn the downloaded copy to disc.

The movie finds Reid facing off with the spirit of a murderer who kills people in their sleep, which is pretty familiar territory for a girl who has run from plenty of of serial killers ("Urban Legend") and monsters ("Alone in the Dark") in the past. Seeing as she's the heroine of "Incubus" though, she probably won't meet a grisly demise ... our apologies.

While the film sounds a bit Nightmare on Elm Street-ish to us, the niche-marketing could give it a chance to explode into the one mega-hit Reid needs to get off the "denied from Hyde" list. Of course, with her antics, she'll be needing more than one success to do that.