A Superfan Gets Nabbed

10/13/2006 7:00 PM PDT

A Superfan Gets Nabbed

You think you're a fan? Ha. Juanita is a Superfan. And on Thursday night, she got cuffed.

First of all, she isn't just into one celebrity, like you. She's defending Lindsay Lohan's honor one day, and taking pictures with Rose McGowan the next.

Secondly, she is determined. Sure, we have footage of her getting cuffed outside a Hollywood club, but do you think that will stop her? We don't.

Thirdly, she is bold. Just see her shout down Brandon Davis outside Hyde and you'll know what we mean.

Sure, Juanita is just one of the many people who's dedication keeps the stars feeling famous, but she is so focused we just had to declare her a Superfan.