Pitt to E! -- Out You Scoundrels!!

10/24/2006 2:30 PM PDT

Pitt to E! -- Out You Scoundrels!!

TMZ has learned that a crew from E! Entertainment was caught Thursday allegedly committing a brazen trespass on Brad Pitt's property.

According to sources, two people from E! walked up to the back perimeter of Pitt's Hollywood Hills compound on a dirt driveway. Pitt's peeps tell TMZ that the crew unchained the gate, allegedly trespassed onto the actor's private property and began filming the exterior of his craftsman house. An E! spokesperson tells TMZ "From our initial investigation, that is not how the events occurred."

A source tells TMZ one of the construction workers spotted the E! crew and notified the contractor. The construction crew, who were visibly upset, tried to confiscate the camera, but we're told the cameraperson dove into a nearby van and locked the door. Brad's security were dispatched but the crew hastily took off.

The crew was detained by Pitt's security and released.

We're told as of yesterday Pitt intended to press criminal trespassing charges. So far, TMZ has not been able to locate a police report.

E! issued the following statement to TMZ: "E! Networks is investigating allegations that a producer and cameraman who were filming locations for a program about Brad Pitt went onto property last week that is reportedly owned by Mr. Pitt. E! Networks did not instruct or authorize anyone working on its program to improperly intrude onto private property, and the individuals involved have been terminated. While neither Mr. Pitt nor his family were at the property when the incident took place, the network in no way condones or encourages such behavior and would like to offer its most sincere apologies to Mr. Pitt and his family."