Place Big Bids in a Single Bound

11/1/2006 4:30 PM PST

Place Big Bids in a Single Bound

Our love affair with our new favorite show "Heroes" shows no signs of subsiding (sorry, "Lost"). In recognition of our new official status as comic-book nerd, we're going to give eBay auction props to the king of superheroes.

"Superman 2" had everything a blockbuster sequel needs: love, the phantom zone, three goth Kryptonians trying to take over the Earth. To show your friends just how far General Zod's diabolical plan went, you must bid on this prop newspaper from the film. Just try not to leave it around your house, a Daily Planet that screams "White House Surrenders" could give your skittish Aunt Beatrice a coronary.

Then, become instant friends with famous "Superman" fans Shaquille O'Neal and Jon Bon Jovi with this next item -- the yellow shield from the cape Christopher Reeve wore in the movies. The shield is secured to a piece of red fabric and framed in a shadow box perfect for framing.

Now your "Heroes" viewing parties are going to be just that much more authentic. Much better then that ratty ol' towel you keep tying around your neck.