Dennis Rodman is Pathetic

11/2/2006 3:40 PM PST

Dennis Rodman is Pathetic

Never exactly the epitome of class, Dennis Rodman has sunk to an all-time low.

After lunching with a buxom female companion at the Ivy yesterday, the former basketball star unleashed an unprovoked, nonsensical rant, detailing some of his intentions and previous sexual exploits, while paparazzi clicked away in agape amazement.

"All the girls I've loved before, I'll f*** 'em all. Every bitch that's f***ed me, like this one, I'm gonna give it f***'n hell brotha."

Rodman's clearly run out of cool. The former Bull looked more like an ass -- desperately trying to give up a soundbite that would draw some sort of approval from the waiting crowd.

Guess we have the last laugh... his t-shirt is funnier than he is.