Tinseltown Species -- Even Urkel! Flock to Penguin

11/3/2006 4:29 PM PST

Tinseltown Species -- Even Urkel! -- Flock to Penguin

A curious panoply of stars -- au courant, slightly faded, and heartwarmingly vintage -- made it out to the launch of the Penguin store, the new West Hollywood retail outpost of that beloved redoubt of Seventies leisurewear. And TMZ's very own G-Hollywood caught all the marching in and out -- and did some dealmaking along the way.

In waddled Paris Hilton -- blah -- and out sauntered Lindsay Lohan -- eh. Dylan McDermott did his very best to maintain relevance, and Chris Kattan looked suitably, well, grateful to be there. Hayley Duff and Pete Wentz were gracious as ever. We were even touched to witness David Arquette and Jason Biggs' gentlemanly first meeting (wait -- you mean all celebs don't know each other?), and G-Hollywood made like Ari Gold and did his best to get the two together for a movie project.

But --finally, some celebrities we can sink our teeth into -- was that Urkel we just spotted? Why yes, Jaleel White himself, greeting stunned onlookers. And we even got props (ok, for our HD camera, but still) from that ageless emblem of celebrity-for-celebrity's-sake, Kato Kaelin. Thank you, Kato. Your taste in videographic technology is impeccable.