Win an Oscar, Lose Your Man

11/5/2006 2:01 PM PST

Win an Oscar, Lose Your Man

In Hollywood, winning an Oscar is the crowning moment of any celeb's acting career. But for some actresses, it appears to come at the expense of their high-profile relationship.

In the last eight years, six Academy Award-winning actresses have lost their B-list men on the heels of their Oscar wins. Whether it's a symptom of living in the shadows of their celebrated spouses, or just a wacky coincidence, their fellas can't seem to deal with Oscar being the other man.

For your consideration, TMZ takes a look inside the so-called "Oscar Curse."

Julia Roberts

Just three months after winning her 2001 Best Actress Oscar for "Erin Brockovich," Julia Roberts ended her relationship with sexy boyfriend Benjamin Bratt. The couple split amid rumors that Ben wanted Julia to work less and settle down. Apparently, that didn't fly with Roberts, but love didn't elude the "Pretty Woman" for very long. A year later, she married cameraman Danny Moder, with whom she had twins.

Angelina Jolie

All eyes were on Angelina when she accepted her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Girl, Interrupted" in 2000. All eyes, except those of her blood-vial-adorned-soon-to-be-ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton -- who was conspicously absent from the ceremony. After getting his 'n her tattoos, their public groping came to end in 2003. Angelina traded up.

Helen Hunt

In 1998, Helen was Hollywood's golden girl, having won the Best Actress Oscar for "As Good As It Gets" -- and netting a cool $1 million an episode for the final season of NBC's "Mad About You." This was also as good as it would get with hubby Hank Azaria, best known as the voice of Apu on "The Simpsons." Their short-lived marriage ended in 2000. Now Helen is mad about her boyfriend, TV writer/producer Matthew Carnahan, with whom she has a daughter.

Halle Berry

In 2002, Eric Benet seemed to have the best gig in the world; sleeping with Halle Berry. A year later, after Halle's win for "Monster's Ball," the couple separated, reportedly over Benet's extra-curricular sex addiction. Although Halle said she will "never marry again," she is currently dating hunky male model Gabriel Aubrey. If he can't change her mind, no one can!

Hilary Swank

After Hilary Swank won her Oscar for "Boys Don't Cry" in 2000 --and forgot to thank her husband Chad Lowe--some smelled trouble in Paradise. The couple endured for another five years until Swank's second win for "Million Dollar Baby." Since their split in January, Hilary has been linked to Hollywood talent agent John Campisi, while Chad has returned to the confines of obscurity.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese became the latest victim of the Oscar curse when she announced her split from husband Ryan Phillippe (first reported by TMZ) just months after her Best Actress win for "Walk the Line." While the couple has no prenup, and Reese has reportedly been pulling down $20 million a picture, the divorce is not expected to be messy, even though Ryan's been linked with co-star Abbie Cornish. Time will tell.