La Lohan to Oprah: "I'm Not a Party Girl!"

11/7/2006 4:09 PM PST

La Lohan to Oprah: "I'm Not a Party Girl!"

Lindsay Lohan scoffed at her party girl label on Tuesday's "Oprah," telling the talk queen, "I'm twenty years old! Is it a crime to go dancing with your friends?" With the legal drinking age at 21, depending on the club, it might be!

Lindsay appeared on the gabber with director Emilio Estevez, publicizing the film "Bobby." A reserved Emilio defended the party girl's professionalism, saying she was on time to the set -- quite unlike her publically chastized experience on "Georgia Rule" this past summer.

Since her film performance elicited a rave review from Oprah, no doubt Linds will celebrate by "dancing with friends" tonight at Hyde.

The highly anticipated "Bobby" opens in New York and Los Angeles November 17.