Britney & K-Fed's Exes ... Talking Marriage?!

11/10/2006 4:07 PM PST

Britney & K-Fed's Exes ... Talking Marriage?!

Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander got together to dish their famous exes this week -- she's Fed's baby momma, and he's the dude Britney married for 55 hours on that wacky weekend in Las Vegas.

During the interview, Shar and Jason explained that their "special" bond was purely platonic ... and shot down rumors that they were a serious item.

"We were contemplating going to Vegas," Alexander joked. Jackson playfully interuppted, "...and going to the same little white chapel that you went to!"

The two also sent their best wishes to the newly-split couple, while explaining their own odd relationships with them.

Shar and Jason were asked if they'd ever get back together with their exes, now that they're back on the market. Their replies: no!