Babwa Tries to Muzzle Rosie's "View"

11/22/2006 1:40 PM PST

Babwa Tries to Muzzle Rosie's "View"

Barbara Walters may have tried to stop dynamite from exploding this morning on "The View," but it's clear that Rosie might not feel that the issue has been put entirely to rest.

Babwa surprised her co-hosts by opening the show with her own statement about Ro versus Ripa and Clay-Handgate, saying that Rosie had talked to "our good friend Kelly Ripa" as well as Aiken, and that all was well, though Joy did invite Barbara to cover her mouth with her hand.

Later, though, Rosie made no mistake that she was unhappy about being ambushed by a livid Kelly Ripa on yesterday's show, saying, "I didn't think it was a great thing putting her on."

But, in the end, like good employee, Rosie acknowledged who wears the pants (and pays the bills) on "The View: "This would be your show, ma'am," she said in deference to her boss, Ms. Walters.