Omarion: Still Going Solo?

11/30/2006 5:36 PM PST

Omarion: Still Going Solo?

What's up with Omarion's new album? --Kelly

Kelly, Omarion has a lot of work to do for his follow-up album, "21." The first single from the album is not doing well on the Billboard 100 right now, which is kind of a shock, considering his debut album "O" soared to number one. But he still has time to redeem himself. December 12, the CD hits stores, then he begins touring in Miami (with Ne-Yo) three days later to promote his sophomore release. Good luck!

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What's Eric McCormack been doing since "Will & Grace" ended? --Marlene

Marlene, Eric will next be seen in "Stand by Love," a romantic comedy where fate runs the show. For now, only a UK release date is available, but keep your eyes open for the U.S. one. He and wife Janet Holden have one child together, and have been married for nine years! Congrats guys!

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Is it true that there's going to be an "Arrested Development" movie? --Mary

Mary, if you would have asked us this question over the summer, we probably would have said yes, but at this time, there's nothing in the mix. Last July, "Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz was in talks with producer Ron Howard to make it into a movie, but that's all it was -- talk. Since then, most everyone in the cast has become attached to other projects.

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Where's Ashanti been? --Semone

Semone, it seems as though Ashanti enjoys acting on the big screen. Since "John Tucker Must Die," she's been working on "Resident Evil: Extinction," the third in a series of Sci-Fi thrillers. This movie will hit theaters in September of next year. Ashanti and Nelly are still an item and happy as ever. Could they be next in line for a trip to the altar?

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When is Taylor Hicks' real birth date? Some sites say October 6, some say October 7. --Paula

Rest assured, Paula, you can trust this site! Taylor's date of birth is definitely October 7. The season five "Idol" champ releases his first album on December 5. Make sure not to miss it! Season six of "American Idol" kicks off mid-January.

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