Did Brit Quit Over K-Fed Potshot?

12/5/2006 2:07 AM PST

Did Brit Quit Over K-Fed Potshot?

Was a joke aimed at K-Fed the reason Britney Spears dropped out as co-host of the Billboard Awards?

Though her reps aren't talking, last night's show featured a major rip on the Fed-Ex. Before a commercial break, an announcer said there'd be a special performance by Federline. The announcement was followed by a film clip of hundreds of horrified screaming teens running from a theater!

The last time Britney Spears appeared on national television, at the American Music Awards, she was allegedly very upset when her entrance was preceded by a sketch aimed at K-Fed.

Brit's primping sidekick, Paris Hilton, was supposed to co-host with Spears, but also backed out when she disapproved of jokes in the script. Lighten up, ladies.