Pam: Kid Rock Is a Liar

12/14/2006 3:06 PM PST

Pam: Kid Rock Is a Liar

Kid Rock is acting like a little brat, and Pam's not having it!

The blonde bombshell told Howard Stern that her estranged husband is "absolutely lying" when he claims that Pam was "out partying every night" and "was never home with the kids" during their short-lived marriage.

Anderson recently described her ongoing divorce proceedings as "stomach turning," and she told Stern that Rock's comments about her mothering skills "upset her the most."

"I was in Vancouver doing a movie three days a week, and i would come home for the four-day weekend to be with my kids," said the miffed mom. "My mom and dad were here and Kid was in Detroit making an album, and they were looking after his son too."

TMZ has several sources in Malibu who see Pam with her kids all the time. If she were out partying every night, you would have seen right here on TMZ!