Hey Paris! "E" is for Empty!

1/8/2007 3:07 PM PST

Hey Paris! "E" is for Empty!

Paris Hilton's Bentley ran out of gas in the middle of a busy Hollywood intersection Friday night. "Dude, I've never put gas in this car -- I forgot," Paris told photographers. Are you surprised?

Paris got a helping hand from her friendly neighborhood paparazzi, who pushed her $200K silver 2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible to the side of the road. After getting an offer to take refuge in some random guy's house (thanks, but no thanks), a photographer offered to go and get her some gas.

"How much is gas?" Paris asked the photog. Seriously. She gave the guy $20 and sent him on his way. When the photog returned, Paris tossed the change into the backseat. She wasn't sure where the "gas thingy" was, and sat flipping through a scrapbook of some kind while the lensman/good samaritan filled her car with a gallon of gas. She thanked him and gave him ... a smile.

When Paris finally made it home, the paprazzi asked her where she was headed for the night. Paris responded, "To get some gas first." Just another night in the life of Paris Hilton.